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Randy Patin recieved his bachelors of science degree in mechanical engineering from the University of Southwest Louisiana in 1986. He has since gone on to work in the oil and gas industry developing both onshore and offshore facilities, pipelines, site constructions, and offshore structures. In the refining and petrochemical industry Mr. Patin has worked on civil construction, process facilities, start-ups, and maintenance.


Mr. Patin has 30 years of experience in project management, engineering and construction management and has worked in conceptual design, engineering design, procurement, estimating, scheduling, project controls, construction, and construction field support. In the oil and gas industry he has managed projects worth up to $30 million. He has also managed capital and maintenance projects of up to $60 million in the refining and petrochemical industry.

Randy Patin

Managing Member


The safety and health of all employees is of prime importance to ROWC Energy Services, LLC. We hold in the highest regard the safety, welfare and health of all employees. It is our belief that accidents injuring persons and damaging equipment cause needless human suffering, inconvenience, and expense.

ROWC Energy Services, LLC provide our employees a work environment as free of recognized hazards as possible and practical. Control and elimination of potential safety and health hazards is the primary objective of our company's safety program.

All supervisory personnel are accountable for providing safe, efficient work practices and procedures. Each supervisor is responsible for ensuring that our safety programs are explained and understood by all employees. Employees shall be provided with a copy of ROWC Energy Services, LLC employee handbook which includes our extensive safety manual.

All employees shall do everything possible and necessary to eliminate accidents. Reducing accidents and related unnecessary losses shall help us to be more competitive in our industry, thus helping to safeguard our jobs.

It is the intention of ROWC Energy Services, LLC to comply with all applicable federal, state, local and industry safety and health-regulations.

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